Pocket Damsels Bondage Pack

Better have Burn Heal!

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Welcome to the world of POKEMON! My name is RAVER. People affectionately refer to me as the POKEMON PROFESSOR. This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called POKEMON. For some people, POKEMON are pets. Others use them for… well, other things. As for myself… I capture POKEMON as a profession and document my findings in an art pack I call POCKET DAMSELS. Now, after much time and effort, the pack is ready for release!

The Pocket Damsels pack features Pokemon from throughout the entire series. Ten unique images with a total of sixteen characters depicted, all in a wide variety of compromising situations, for a total of 520 total variants. There are also 824 futa variants, but as always, they are kept completely separate, so you won’t see them if you don’t want to.

Price in USD: $12


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