Skye’s the Limit: Help Me

Skye is taken by a time-travelling space cult and shattered across infinite dimensions in a gallery of torture and cruelty. Every version of herself experiences something more painful, more terrifying, and more depraved than the last.

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Artist: PixelJail

Skye was just an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life.

Now, she’s one of the most extraordinary pieces of living art in all the universe. As the sole exhibit of a time-travelling museum of torture, Skye has been shattered across an infinite number of dimensions to be stripped bare and tormented in every way imaginable, throughout all time.

  • 12 full art pages + 5 captions pages
  • Heavy and regular Guro and Violence
  • Torture and Permanence
  • Monsters, Terrors, and Filth
  • Various Scenarios and Settings

This series is NSFW, with particularly regular guro and violence. It features extreme and explicit fantasies and illustrations of depraved horniness and brutal scenarios that could (and should!) only exist in this crazy, twisted sci-fi fictional fantasy reality. Expect regular themes of sadism, permanence, blood, betrayal, and heartbreak. This isn’t a feelgood story. But it’s still cute.

While this is the second series of Skye’s the Limit, it’s not necessary to have read other series in order to follow it, and they can be read in any order! This pack focuses on the recurring violence and terrifying scenarios that feel to her like living horror movies on repeat.

Sweet Dreams x


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