Heidi ‘n’ Seek

Heidi unwittingly plays with a clown in a kinky Hallowe’en carnival.

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Heidi ‘n’ Seek is a 40 page horrorporn graphic novel, following a magical journey through a kinky carnival that happened to be horrifying on Hallowe’en!

  • Hallowe’en Horror!
  • Bondage, lots of bondage!
  • Occasional Hazmat/Guro
  • One terrifyingly titillating story.

This story is NSFW and features spooky bondage, scary games, bloody monsters, and just one chance to escape this awful, depraved, and twisted kinky carnival. Can Heidi seek an exit, or will she be hiding forevermore?

The story is a Kinktober 2020 collaboration between myself and Wolvun. A free version of the full story can be found online, which was posted daily on October 2020, with sketched images.
This PDF contains the entire story, with finished lineart and fully coloured, and 9 bonus pages that take place throughout the story.



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