Bubblegum horror anthologies and comics, featuring the most unfortunate of people trapped in the most awful and depraved situations. With no telling what could come next, prepare for the dirtiest, darkest, and most delicious surprises!

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Anthologies and packs of stories written and created in collaboration with my Subscribers. I’ll take premises and ideas to them, and various subscribers will design characters, instruct me to include specific kinks or ideas or suggest and discuss things that could happen. We make the story up as we go. Every page gets a vote, and I improvise what happens next. Collaboratively we extract the nightmares of many. You are the fuel.

Standalone or serial stories and packs I’ve made directly in collaboration with individuals, writers, or commissioners. These worlds and characters are largely designed and devised by my collaborator, while I work with them to come up with ideas, develop the stories, and understand how we can make their nightmares fuel my pen.

Archives for collectors featuring PixelJail commissions, standalone illustrations and sketches of the year. All content here can be found free online, but here is compiled into clean and seamless smutty archives.