Her Trial

A brutal slave training facility prepares Anna and friends for a new life.

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Artist: PixelJail

The last thing Anna remembers is being on the bus with her mother, sister, and friends. Gas grenades smashed through the windows, and she passed out. This brief sleep would be the last moments of peace and rest she might ever see. Waking up to immediate pain and terror, her life would never be the same again. Her old life was over, but her new one she hasn’t been trained for yet. Her trial begins now.

  • Torture and Gore
  • Predicament and painful bondage
  • Electroshock and Medical
  • Friends and Family

My oldest and long running commission series, spanning across nearly three years of evolving art style and advancing plot, Her Trial is now a complete story, packed together with all the pics that can be found free online, as well as one exclusive pic that can only be found here. See every pic and caption, with all the alts and variations on display, and explore a time capsule of PixelJail art style across the years.

This series is contains themes of slave training, predicament bondage and physical torture including permanence, body mods, electroshocks, and medical play. It contains some pages very graphic, and is definitely not for the faint of heart.


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