Princess for a Day Bondage Art Pack

Your princess is in another castle…

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Is there any damsel more prone to peril than a hapless princess? Whether she be a witless figurehead or a proud monarch, it seems no one is safe from all manner of nefarious villains looking to claim a valuable prize. But, what would happen if some unfortunate souls were to suddenly find themselves assuming the role of royalty? … Or, more specifically, of damsel in distress?

Each of these lovely ladies find themselves in the clutches of evildoers, not only bound and utterly helpless, but beautifully adorned in a variety of elegant dresses and gowns to truly embody regal charm and grace. From being forcibly wed to suspended in an underground dungeon, the girls have all been placed in intricately designed dangers that derive from various aspects of their games of origin; their status as princesses may not be real, but the distress certainly is!

Eight images can be found in this pack, each featuring a poor damsel unexpectedly finding herself snatched from safety.

There are 240 total variants, and,for those that care, you can also find 386 futa variants. As always, they’re kept completely separate, so you won’t see them if you don’t want to. There are so many more because some images have multiple characters.

If you do decide to buy the pack, please let me know your opinions on it! Feedback is quite valuable, but I would also just like to hear which image you liked the most.

Price in USD: $10


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