Adventure of Linkelle (Vol. 1)

Where it all began…

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History may be written by the victors, but that doesn’t mean it was a smooth ride.

Before she was officially added to the game’s roster, I put together my own design of Linkle for the Hyrule Warriors pack. When all was said and done, however, we decided it could be fun to send her off on her own adventure across the many memorable settings The Legend of Zelda series has wrought. Now, Linkelle (who I guess is technically different from Linkle) is finding herself a bit more challenged than anticipated.

Eight unique images can be found in this pack, each dedicated to a different slice of the Zelda universe. There are 75 total variants, with an additional 36 futa variants. As always, they’re kept completely separate, so you won’t see them if you don’t want to.

Price in USD: $5


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