Adventure of Linkelle (Vol. 4) – Temples of Ties

Willst thou soar… or willst thou suck?

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A story could be told by a million different people, and you would have a million unique versions, all a little different from each other. This is but one interpretation of the adventures of the Heroine of Time, and her travels across Hyrule and into the dangerous depths of the many ancient temples found there…

Linkelle is finally back to portray her most famous adventure yet in this art pack based around the events of Ocarina of Time! Each dungeon has been carefully recreated to fully capture what makes them unique, while directly incorporating those elements in some fun ways to make for a host of predicaments and perils for our trouble-prone damsel.

Seven unique images can be found in this pack, each depicting a different dungeon from the game. For obvious reasons, only dungeons from the adult half of the game are included.

There are 216 total variants, and for those that care, you can also find 384 futa variants. As always, they’re kept completely separate, so you won’t see them if you don’t want to. There are so many more because some images have multiple characters.

You’ll also find a folder of some extra goodies, like breakdowns of each image and how they came to be, some assets made for certain scenes, concept sketches for this iteration of Linkelle, and a couple other things.

If you do decide to buy the pack, please let me know your opinions on it! Feedback is quite valuable, but I would also just like to hear which image you liked the most.

Price in USD: $15


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