Mechaincal Maidens Bondage Art Pack

Call that a STACKED overflow heyooooo

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run.program “mmbp.exe”
reading . . .

>login : KNIGHT
>code : ********

identity confirmed. welcome back, <REDACTED>. preparing introduction . . .

The Mechanical Maidens initiative was first proposed as a means to investigate the sudden rise of actions against cybernetic individuals, spurred by the recent abductions of eight females by unknown parties. Said victims suddenly vanished under mysterious circumstances, and their current locations are unknown. Numerous images have been released by the captors, shamelessly displaying the various compromising restraints and predicaments they have subjected their victims to, some even modifying anatomy to suit their needs.


Eight unique images can be found within, each featuring a different woman, bound, gagged and stripped, with unique scenarios derived from their origins.

There are 534 total variants, and for those that care, you can also find 386 futa variants. As always, they’re kept completely separate, so you won’t see them if you don’t want to. There are so many more because some images have multiple characters.

If you do decide to buy the pack, please let me know your opinions on it! Feedback is quite valuable, but I would also just like to hear which image you liked the most.

Price in USD: $10


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